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    Colin R. Fort Collins, CO
    Verified Purchase
    I purchased this air purifier to replace a cheaply made, noisy white plastic model that I bought from Sears. Honestly it did an alright job, but I wasn't that impressed with it. So I upgraded to the biota bot because I loved how it looked in the photos and, more importantly, it had received great reviews. After using the Biota Bot for the past week I can personally agree with the great reviews. This unit is quiet, works nice, and is by far the most aesthetically pleasing air purifier I've seen at this price point. 
    Michael P. Kansas City, MO
    Verified PurchaseBest Air Purifier for smoke
    After thoroughly researching True HEPA air purifiers I decided to go with the Biota Bot. Great price for a true HEPA air purifier with a Digital LED display. The air quality indicator is red when pollutants are present turning blue to indicate clean air. From what I have experienced so far, I know this unit will work for most all The purification needs I'll have for quite a long time. If it keeps working like it has so far then I don't think I will ever need a reason to upgrade. I have read a lot of reviews and blogs on the web about Biota bot and other air cleaners and I found that about 99% of all of them were positive on both their products and their customer service.
    Jeremy F New York, New York 
    Verified Purchase 
    I run a business from home and smoke in the office. I needed something that had a REAL HEPA and carbon filter. Its been working nice in my office which is around 200 square feet. I run it in 8hr increments. Make sure to take the plastic off the filters before turning the power on.