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    The fan speed increased when the leaf indicator turned red why?

    • Smart Sensor Technology automatically controls the 2 fan speeds depending on the quality air. 

    Which way should the filters be facing in the unit?

    • You can place the filters either way with minimal difference. We suggest to place the black activated-carbon side out since it matches the color of the unit and you can vacuum the dust off to prolong the life of the filter.

    What size room should I use it in?

    • The Biota Bot is optimal at 160 square feet but can handle small to medium size rooms.

    Is the unit going into idle mode?

    • The low fan speed is whisper quite, it is still running. It never goes into idle just switches from the high fan speed to low depending on the quality of the air. It will up the fan speed if it detects any pollutants in the air. 

    Does the unit ever turn off automatically?
      • 2-4-8 hour timer is designed to turn off the air purifier off completely once the selected time has elapsed. 

      How often do i need to replace filters?

      • Use genuine Biota Bot replacement filters which should be replaced ever 6-12 months.